Absolute Love

What is absolute love?

I’ve been terribly busy with work and family these past few months that my writing has been set aside, but I keep on getting the itch to hop back on and say what I want to say about how things have been going. It’s a sort of meditation for me, and the more I go without it, the more I feel that I’m missing something. I hate that feeling.

What is absolute love?

If I loved writing absolutely, I think I would set aside time for it everyday no matter what was going on around me or what things I had to tackle in the day. I would do my best to set it first before other things, at least putting in 5 minutes of effort to release the tension and say “There, now it’s out and written.”¬†

What is absolute love?

I love Salty absolutely. I work overtime 3 days each week for a total of 52 hours at the call center, and yet I find time to eat dinner with her over the table, watch her favorite movie, and make sure that the dishes are cleaned so that she won’t have to worry about it in the morning. If we stay up particularly late, I make sure that she’ll be able to fall asleep before going to sleep myself. I am an empath, so it’s impossible for me to sleep if I know she’s having trouble with it.

What is absolute love?

I always wanted a virtual reality set when I was single. I was used to buying everything that I wanted without having to worry about finances, so a virtual reality set for $800 seemed like no big deal to me. Now, married, I’ve realized that some things have to wait. I can’t just put the $800 on our credit card and expect everything to be okay. I have to put off that desire to just do it because now I have someone else to care for.

What is absolute love?

I think it’s the act of putting other things aside for the one you love. I feel that it’s putting them before you and being vulnerable. It doesn’t mean that you lay down for them to step on you, but it means that you hold out your hand to say “we’re in this together.”¬†

What is absolute love?

Absolute love is Christlike¬†love. I don’t understand it and neither does Salty, but we’re working on it. It’s not something that can be perfected in this life, but it’s a noble trait to strive for.

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