Walking on Nails

Ya know I was tempted to put walking on sunshine because that’s what I want it to be and that is what’s expected from us. We are newlyweds! We should be glowing all the time and jumping for joy. No one wants to talk about the hard times because that means they aren’t doing something correctly. Of course we aren’t doing some things correctly; we haven’t done this before.

While we are far happier than we are sad, there are still sad (or angry) moments. I personally felt like I could never EVER talk about those moments for fear that someone would think that I regret or shouldn’t have gotten married. To be honest, I feel the farthest thing from regret.

I have a husband who laughs when I tell him I ate all the tootsie rolls while he was at work. I have a husband who listens to all my crazy ideas and supports me even if he doesn’t think they are very sound. I have a husband who carries me to bed almost every night because I am so tired I can hardly walk. I have a husband who loves me into eternity. But I also have a husband who isn’t perfect (oh, and he has a wife that is far from…)

Sappy hasn’t done this married thing before, crazy right? He says things that hurt me, does things that I feel are inconsiderate, and can have laser focus and misses what I’m saying. We get upset with each other frequently; sometimes once a day, while other times once a week. I cry more often than I have ever before and Sappy gets more attitude than he has in a long time. Even though we are tripping over each others feelings and crying often, we wouldn’t trade it for the world.

We are crying because we care, getting hurt because we talk, and are focused because we are working on a bright future together. Sappy and I have only known the other person for a year. I married Sappy AND THEN found out he really, really likes watching sports and played baseball when he was younger. Most couples outside of Utah have years to get to know their significant other before diving into marriage. Some couples even live together before the wedding. Not us. I love how quickly I was able to meet and have the man of my dreams but it’s tricky.

With all the trickiness of learning how to love the other person how they needs to be loved and talking in ways that are new and foreign to both of us, of course we make mistakes. But as we continue to look towards our eternity together, we are willing to work on these mistakes and improve. As long as we keep a vision of what our end goal is, it is more than possible to learn and start walking on sunshine. 



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