Take Time to Care

Salty and I have made it past 3 months, and we’re still going strong! While there have been some hiccups along the way and rough days/nights, we have always opened up our lines of communication and worked through the misunderstandings. There are still some things that we are working on (and we’ll always have things to work on, I don’t doubt it) but at least we have proven to each other that we WANT our marriage to last for eternity. Tonight, I just wanted to highlight one point that has been stuck in my mind for these past few weeks and voice it to you.

It’s one thing to say you care and another thing to show that you care. It is easy to fall into a deep sleep without realizing it, and at some point in the last month I feel that this described my situation. I had fallen into a pit that I didn’t even know I was in, and during that time I felt like I was caring for Salty when in reality I wasn’t doing all that I could do. Halfhearted efforts are hard to notice when you’re not on the receiving end, and it took some talking and long nights for me to discover that I wasn’t doing what I was supposed to. I had been doing chores and spending time with Salty when we were home from work, but my mind wasn’t really there at these times.

Everything is beautiful now and I am taking time to care. I set aside a little time everyday, reminding myself why I love Salty and asking myself what I can do for her in that given time. I used to ask Salty if she was comfortable in the beginning of the marriage, and after a time I lapsed into not being proactive with making sure everything was okay. Now I am back into the habit of asking if things are well everyday, and our relationship is a lot better off than it was even just a few weeks ago.

I want to use this post to remind everyone to put effort into caring! It’s important! Sometimes we may feel that everything is okay, but if we don’t take the time to ask we may never know the truth. Ask your significant other if everything is well, and if they say yes, ask if there is anything you can improve on. If you feel like your significant other isn’t doing what they need to be doing, approach them in a loving way and ask questions. If done in the right spirit, everything will work out. There is always hope, and there is always room for more love in the home.

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