It’s Hard to Return

I’ve been thinking about this post for the longest time, practically ever since we finished writing the last one. For a whole month I have felt like I needed to get back to writing online, but nothing ever seemed to click and I tried to avoid it as much as possible. It took a few weeks and some promptings of the Spirit, as well as some encouragement from my wife, before I felt like I could return to turning outwards and writing my thoughts down for others to read. This post, while it may not contain much substantially, is taking me a lot of effort to put down into words but I feel like it is something I’ve put off for too long.

I would like this to be a little update on what has been going on while we have been gone from our site. We are surprised to see that people are still visiting while we haven’t even posted a small update for the course of a month, but we are grateful to those who still show interest in it. I hope to continue writing and posting more of my thoughts, and I know that Salty would love to do the same. However, our schedules have gotten a whole lot busier and we wanted to let everyone know what to expect from us in these upcoming weeks.

I finally started working at a call center with in-bound sales and have been in training for the past two weeks. This week will be my first time going out on the actual call floor to take calls, and I am very excited to start making a decent income for our family. Salty is busy doing full-time school and is also at the same call center working full-time, so her time is spent doing homework and taking calls. As newlyweds, it has been interesting trying to figure out how to work out our separate schedules and still find time for each other, and for a while it seemed like stress was going to take over but I believe we have it figured out now. 

I’ve also started to write a book now, and that is slowly taking over my mind as I really want to make it happen. I have no idea what the process is for getting a written work from start to finish (published), but it is something that I want to look more into. Maybe I’ll share snippets on here of what I want to do or even share sketches of characters that come to my mind. I just want to tap more into my creative side because it has been dormant for way too long. I’m itching to start using it again.

Ok, my turn! I’m so excited to start writing again but also worried that I won’t have time to keep up! So much has happened this past month and life is only going to get busier! I have been grinding since around the beginning of August when I started working full-time at the call center and working part-time at Outback Steakhouse. I did that for around three weeks before my schedule changed and I was only able to work at the call center. That only lasted for about a few weeks before school started. Now, like Sappy stated, I am working and going to school full-time (gross!). 

My main worry is not putting Sappy and the Lord first. For the past two weeks or so, I have been struggling to remember that Sappy comes before homework, cleaning, and even work. I’m guilty of saying, “Once I get this done, I can give him attention.” This hasn’t been working… I get frustrated and short with him and end up feeling horrible by the end of the night. For the longest time, I was always wondering what he needed to do to make it better, but that wasn’t working (obviously). About two nights ago, it hit me that I was asking the wrong question. Instead of what he needed to do for me, I needed to figure out what I should be doing for him to improve our marriage. 

I had always talked about making him a priority but I wasn’t living it. Since then, I have been trying to make a conscious effort to put Sappy first. He is my eternal companion and I should be treating him that way, not as something I can come back to when I get a task done. Sappy treats me like a queen and I need to make sure he is my king and the most important person to me, aside from God. 😉

So yeah, still learning lessons and trying to manage my time. My rule of thumb lately is that if I am unable to make it to the temple that week, I am too busy and need to cut back. I have been able to go once a week for the past little bit and I love it. I can completely understand the need to go regularly and to make it a necessary part of life. I completely believe that as Sappy and I continue to go, we will be able to make small changes to ourselves and our marriage, ultimately building a forever family.  

2 thoughts on “It’s Hard to Return

  1. I love to see the interaction between you two as you figure out how to make things work together in your lives. Thanks for sharing! I enjoy your writing.


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