Prayer Paved the Path

These past 8 months were full of new experiences and trials that we haven’t faced before, and through it all we made sure that we had a constant connection with our Heavenly Father. I remember sitting down with Salty in the beginning of the relationship to discuss what we wanted to do on a daily basis, and prayer and scripture study were included at the top of our list. Since that time, we have only missed a few days here and there, and the days that we didn’t were the worst because we could not feel the Spirit as strongly to work through issues that came up.

Before getting into a relationship with Salty, I was not devoting any of my time to prayer or reading the scriptures and I felt empty. When something went wrong, I would turn to video games instead of to my Father in Heaven. When I met with Salty and actually started to picture us in a relationship, I realized that I needed to start focusing on the gospel if I wanted to make it to the temple with her. While I would still turn to video games to de-stress, I began to pray in the mornings and in the evenings. My life started to turn around in many ways and I began to feel God’s love again, whereas before I was feeling lost and alone and would cry myself to sleep on the worst days. Through prayer, I was finally able to feel that my Heavenly Father was there for me and that He heard my pleas, and it gave me hope that I would eventually be sealed to Salty for time and eternity. That blessing came after 6 months of hard work and dedication to the gospel and to my (then) girlfriend, and I am so grateful to the Lord for the additional blessings that have flowed from heaven since that time. If you or a loved one are going through difficult times, I strongly advise you to open up and pray for help from above. Have faith. It will surely come.

About six months before I met Sappy, I was so very, very lost. I was partying in Peru and wasn’t listening for the spirit at all. When I returned home, I was empty and wanted to feel something again. I found it through the gospel and started investing extensive time to reading and learning. When I moved to BYU in January 2017, I began focusing and praying from my heart and listening for promptings. As mine and Sappy’s relationship grew and we spent more time together, I relied more on the Lord to ensure that Sappy was the one I should be devoting my time to.

On Sunday, March 26th, I prayed to know if Sappy was the one I should marry. I was nervous because I loved him and didn’t want to be told no. I decided that I needed to trust Heavenly Father and received an absolute “Yes, he is the one I need to marry.”

Throughout our relationship, in the bad times and good, I have grown a deeper testimony of prayer and communicating with my Heavenly Father. He comforted me when Sappy was away in California, he gave me much needed answers, and he forgave me when I was having difficulties feeling at peace. It’s hard to put into words how important prayer has been for me and us. We wouldn’t be here if we had not utilized the huge blessing that is given to all of us. As we continue to grow and mature, I am confident that we will be blessed and feel the love that the Lord has for us if we make prayer a priority. 


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