Count Your Many Blessings

I can’t begin to count my blessings since the day that Sappy and I were sealed in the Idaho Falls temple. Yeah, I know, I’m being hypocritical, but hey there have been a ton! We wanted to outline a few of the major ones that have happened since. 

At around 14 or 15 years old, I began to worry about being financial stable in the future and having the funds to do the adventures that I wanted to. This is still something that I stress about aaaaaaall the time yet in the past month or so, I have been able to feel at peace. On our honeymoon, we set a goal to have a certain amount in our savings account and the rest we could spend freely. Normally I would rather die than spend freely, but I was blessed with the ability to let go and enjoy the time and adventures that I could spend with my new husband.  This blessing enabled me to be in the present along with being able to embrace how much I love being spontaneous. I was shocked that I didn’t have any regrets or apprehensions when it came to spending more on a restaurant or going to Great America. 

In addition to not being consumed with stress and worry, Sappy and I have been blessed with jobs that allowed us a whole month off, two in his case, with the option of returning to work right when we returned from our vacay. On top of that, we both applied for second jobs and received the positions we applied for.

The next few months are going to be a lot of hard work, but with the Lord on our side I am not worried one bit. I’m positive that our ‘good fortune’ is due to our temple marriage, the hard work that we put into being worthy to be sealed for time and eternity, and the daily scripture study and family prayers that we try to make a priority. 

One of the biggest blessings that I am constantly grateful for is the companionship of my wife. Salty can be salty at times, but when it comes down to it she gives great flavor to everything. There is a stark contrast between life before marriage and life after marriage, and I am so happy to be moving forward with someone by my side to pursue our dreams together.

We have been blessed spiritually, physically, and emotionally.  At times when stress creeps in and tries to come between us, the Lord steps in and helps to ease the burden from our shoulders. He is helping our family to progress in the gospel and we can feel His love when we seek Him out.

We were fortunate enough to find an apartment that will be opening the same time that we will be moving out of our current one, and the lease agreement is signed so we are ready to move in when the time comes. Everything has literally fallen into place for us and we feel the need to express our gratitude to everyone who has made this marriage possible. We are excited for the future and know that as we work hard, God will be by our side to lift and support us. 



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