Heartache and Distance

I left for Redding last Friday and was able to make it home safely, and Salty is staying in Provo to finish up the school term. Being away from each other makes everything a lot harder to work through, but we are learning how to cope and grow from it.

This past week has been a nightmare, and Salty and I have had to learn how to communicate with each other when we can’t receive comfort through physical touch. Usually our words are accompanied by a soft touch of the shoulder, hand on the back, or a simple hug, and because of this it is now really difficult to determine the other person’s tone over the phone.

I have always hated texting, but I never knew that I would hate talking on the phone so much. An hour at a time is alright, but usually it is difficult for me to go over this because I feel like I have more productive things to be doing instead of just talking. If I’m talking with someone I can see, it is easy to do something else at the same time, but if I can’t see them then I have to concentrate my effort on understanding their inflections or tone through the speaker. This is really draining on me, and it was complicated for me to explain how I felt about calling without making it seem like I just didn’t want to talk to Salty. We were eventually able to work through this hiccup, but at first she didn’t understand and there was a lot of miscommunication that could have been avoided.

Thankfully we have learned how to cope with the distance and have made ends meet. Sometimes I can feel my heart breaking because I want to see Salty so badly, and she expresses the same feelings for me. However, I know that it is better to improve myself and to work on things at home instead of just reminiscing about the times when we were physically together. If I am productive and work while I am home, I will be able to enjoy every minute of my time when Salty and I are together again instead of worrying about finances or anything else that might come up.

If you are experiencing heartache right now and don’t know what to do, first: stand up! Get on your feet, and take one step forward. I find that the best way for me to stand up is to read a chapter from the scriptures or to start a prayer to God. Maybe you stand up by meditating, or by reading a book. Whatever it means to you, stand up! To take the first step, do something for someone else. Do an act of service, because when you turn outward, then you will be able to work on what is within.

If you see someone who is experiencing heartache and want to help, step in and do a good turn! Someone who is sad will not go out asking for help, but they will surely be grateful when you jump in and rescue them. In all situations, hearts can be mended and distances closed. It is only through our own efforts and the effort of others close to us that we can finally be free to live and to love.


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