I Guess We Need to Clear the Water

While we posted that pre-marriage is stupid hard, we neglected to say what preventative measures we have taken to make sure that we will be worthy for the temple. While all of this is usually personal, we feel that we need to be public about these things.

Kaela and I have been meeting with our bishops for the past two weeeks, with me meeting with my bishop on Sundays and Wednesdays. We have been completely open with our Priesthood leaders about our relationship and how things are going, and for the past two weeks we have stepped up our game on making sure that we are never in compromising situations.

Kaela and I came to the conclusion that we were kissing too much, that we were together too often, and that we were getting too close to each other. After discussing this with our bishops, we came up with action plans to make sure that we could be strong enough to be clean. Our action plan is as follows:

1. We don’t see each other in private places. If we are alone we need to be outside, or we need to find someone who we can be with.

2. We don’t spend empty time with each other. Instead of getting together and saying, “we have no idea what to do so we’ll just sit around,” we make sure that we have every day planned out and that we follow the plan so there is never really downtime. 

3. We won’t kiss unless we go out on a date, and even then our kisses can only be brief. We’re talking pecks here. Sometimes none at all. And for the record, we only go out on a date ONCE a week.

4. We never lay down on the same couch (or in the same area) and never sit on each other’s laps. 

5. We make sure that our hands are only on shoulders, heads, or hands. Hugs are okay, but hands are solely in the upper-back area.

6. We continue to read the scriptures and pray daily.

We have been 100% with our rules for the past few weeks, and Kaela and I feel wonderful, happy, and optimistic about our future.  Our bishops are supporting us and are excited with our progress and are rooting to see us through to the temple. Kaela and I are constantly praying and adjust if we feel that one behavior could lead us down a wrong road, and we are constantly consulting with the Lord to make sure that our conduct is pleasing before Him.

I love Kaela so much, and I am willing to do anything for her and for us. I just recently decided that I will be going home this Thursday because I want to take preventative measures to make sure that we can stay clean and pure. I know that it is easy to be caught up in pride, but in the past few weeks we have been completely humbled and understand that while we may feel that we are in control, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Kaela and I rarely kiss now. We never lay down together, we make sure that we’re never alone, and we are being 100% honest with our bishops. Thank you for all of the support! We love you guys. We just felt that we needed to be transparent at this time. Our trust is in God, our faith is in Him, and we know that we are making good choices together.

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