Pre-Marriage is Stupid Hard

Stresses are becoming more apparent as Salty and I are hurtling towards the 30th, and it seems like 26 days is not enough to make sure that we are prepared to tackle life together. A lot of things are still not completely worked out (married housing, future budget, schooling, work) but we know that right now there would be no good reason for us to postpone the date of our sealing. I personally feel as if we are being attacked from all sides by external forces that we can not see, and in times past I have asked myself if I really wanted to go forward with getting married. However, every time I look at Salty I remember the wonderful times we have spent together and am motivated to keep on pressing onward. The blessings of getting sealed in the temple are far too important to pass over, and I know for a fact that my future with Salty will be one of great happiness and joy.

Side note: When two people are married in a LDS temple, it is called a sealing. We use this language because when we are married with the power of the priesthood, we are sealed together on earth and in heaven. There is no “until death do us part.” 

Another part of getting sealed in the temple is being worthy to enter. We need to make sure we are going to church, reading the scriptures, praying, staying away from alcohol, tea, coffee, and other harmful substances, keeping the commandments, following the law of chastity, and other things. This includes not having premarital sex or anything close to that. Anyone that has been sealed or has participated in intercourse should understand just how hard that is. Satan works especially hard right before the wedding date to tempt us into doing things we aren’t supposed to. Not only do we have to worry about the things that Sappy listed above, we also have to make sure we are pure and clean so that we can fully enjoy the sealing when the time comes.

Salty and I met with the bishop today to make sure that we were preparing ourselves sufficiently to enter the temple to be sealed together for time and eternity. He talked about staying worthy to receive the blessings that God wants us to have, and he also told us that honesty in the last month will be our best friend. He said that if we are not honest in our dealings with each other and with him, then when we kneel across the altar, we will be battling with ourselves on the inside and putting on a facade for everyone else to see. It is not worth it to go into the temple if we are unworthy.

Please, if you are struggling with personal issues at this time and are going through the temple unworthily or feel too uncomfortable to enter, please please please talk with your bishop. They are there to help, and while they are judges in Israel they are also there to help us draw closer to God and be free of our past. They are there to help us, not to damn us.

One thought on “Pre-Marriage is Stupid Hard

  1. Nice one son. Nothing good comes easy, and nothing that comes easily last long. I love what you guys listed above, those are the most Sacrosanct things one must do to be worthy of exaltation. Keep it up guys. God is in control


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