<30 Reasons Why…

The expression of love comes in many forms. Salty and I love to make lists of why we love each other, and we encourage you to do the same.

     I love that she has a desire to live worthy of the temple

     I love that he sees my flaws and loves every one of them

     I love the way she laughs and how genuine it is

     I love it when he holds me and takes care of me when I’m sick

     I love how hard she works to show that she loves me

     I love that he takes care of and loves himself

     I love how strong her hands are and how comfortable she is with herself

     I love how much feeling he puts into every “I love you”

     I love that she is willing to give up time to be with me when I need it most

     I love that he never makes me feel like a burden

     I love that she brought Panda Express to my work when I didn’t have time to pack

     I love that he isn’t afraid to show his feelings whether happy or sad

     I love that I can be myself around her without feeling judged

     I love that I can communicate with him and know he will always listen

     I love that we can talk about everything together and know things will work out

     I love that he is willing to help me with things like the dishes

     I love that she wants to cook for me, especially when I’m sick

     I love that he will appreciate my efforts even if my cooking tastes horrible

     I love that she recognizes that she isn’t perfect and strives to be better (at cooking)

     I love that he can make me laugh and loves the sound of it

     I love her humor and how it can brighten my day

     I love that he wants to do things like this with me

     I love her spontaneity and eagerness to have fun

     I love that he respects me when I tell him we need to slow down physically

     I love that she presses Ctrl-I before I type my section

     I love when he pushes me to be better and see my potential

     I love how she wants to raise our children in a gospel-centered home

     I love that he knows exactly what to say and how to hold me when I’m blue

     I love her

     I love his spirit

     We love each other

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