How Firm Is YOUR Foundation?

Hello, hello! We thought long and hard about this one (all of twenty minutes) and finally decided to talk about how the gospel has helped our relationship and drawn us closer together.

Okay, Salty made it sound like we don’t care about all of you who read our blog. That’s not true! We do love you, and we spend time on what we write about! It doesn’t matter if we spend twenty minutes or an hour on the topic, it is all quality time spent.

When we first started talking, we asked each other a lot of ‘feeler’ questions, trying to figure out how the other person’s thoughts and feelings towards different things and ideas. Side note: I would highly recommend doing this before getting in a relationship! It’s better to know who you are investing your time and energy in instead of finding out along the way. It’s still a great idea to continue asking some throughout the relationship too!

Back to the main idea: Some of the questions I was asking had to do with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, which we are both members of. I was only interested in men who were serious about the gospel and showed it in their everyday behavior. Through many, many questions, I was able to see that he did care a lot about the church and would be interested in getting married in the temple down the road as well. 

Honestly, Salty talks me up a lot. In the beginning of our relationship I was still trying to find my footing in the gospel again. I had served a mission in Ghana, Africa from May 2013- May 2015, but after I arrived home I wasn’t as invested in the gospel as I was when I was dedicating every hour of my day to the Lord. I would read scriptures here and there, but I seldom had personal prayer and I went to church almost grudgingly after I left my parents’ home. 

It took me some time to get used to the idea that I was dating someone in the church. Up until Salty, I had never been in a serious relationship with someone who was in the same church as I was. I had to adjust to many new things like reading the scriptures and praying with Salty, but as we started to study the gospel together I found that my love for her grew more and more as time went on. There is something special in reading the word of God together: it really helps to heal spiritual wounds, and when you both feel the Spirit it’s easy to feel love for each other. I knew that if I stayed with Salty, our relationship would be on a stable foundation that wouldn’t fall, and our future children (should we get married) would be able to grow in a household that was centered around Christ. While I found Salty to be very attractive physically, I found that I felt a deeper attraction for her when she expressed her desire to grow stronger in the gospel.

Ok, yeah. When we were first talking, he seemed like he was torn between being honest about how he felt about the church and trying to ‘act cool and impress me’. But over the course of the next few days, I could see more of the interest in the gospel shine through. After we started dating, I had a prompting to ask Sappy if he wanted to start reading scriptures and saying prayers together every day. I was worried that he wouldn’t be as enthusiastic about it as I was, boy was I wrong! Once I mentioned the idea, he got excited and said that he was about to ask me the same things. I have felt my love grow so much through our shared interest and dedication to the gospel.

After lots of time and work to resolve my issues from Peru, I received my temple recommend again. I came to Sappy with the proposal of going to the temple at least once a week together. Again he was eager to make it a part of our everyday lives. Girls, guys, my fiance has never been more attractive to me than when he is walking out of the doors to the temple. He literally glows and his spirit is so strong. This is one of my favorite activities that we do together. 

Now we read the scriptures and pray together everyday, and we try to go to the temple once a week (although it is now changing to twice a week). We read a general conference talk from every Sunday, and we do personal scripture study and prayer on our own time. The gospel has brought us closer together and our time spent is more meaningful now. We have common goals in mind, and we are both happier as individuals and as a couple because we are focusing on building our spirituality so we can face trials that the world throws at us. I love Salty with all my heart, but that love has only come as we have spent time drawing closer to God together. 

If you and your significant other are having a harder time connecting or feel that sparks have stopped flying, examine yourselves and see if you can improve on your spirituality together. If you are not religious or have different beliefs, find something that you both believe in and work to become better at it. If it is being physically fit and healthy, spend time together discovering new ways to motivate each other to become stronger. If your common goal is to travel, plan and prepare trips together and work to make them happen.

Another thing that Sappy and I have bonded over is working out. We go to the gym almost everyday and focus on pushing each other and being happier and healthier that way too. It doesn’t have to be through religious experiences, but that has been the thing that has helped us the most. It has given us the ability to forgive each other time and time again, it ensures that we ALWAYS have common ground to meet on no matter what, and it has helped us show charity and kindness to each other even if we aren’t in the mood. 

(Okay, side note. Salty just shut the page and freaked out “OH MY GOODNESS. NOOOOOOO. THERE’S NO WAY I’M WRITING THE WHOLE THING AGAIN!” I LAUGHED so hard. The pain was so real. I wish you guys could see the behind-the-scenes of these posts 😛 )

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