From Sweet to Sour

“Despite the changes which come into our lives and with gratitude in our hearts, may we fill our days – as much as we can – with those things which matter most. May we cherish those we hold dear and express our love to them in word and in deed.”

– Thomas S. Monson

Everyone knows about the honeymoon stage of dating and about how gooey and lovey dovey it makes you feel. The part that isn’t mentioned as much is the chunk that comes next when the glow has worn off. The hard work and tricky moments aren’t brought up or discussed; they aren’t the pretty parts. Yet these experiences¬† are the things that really show the love you feel for the other person. Being able to continue to put the other person first when you feel like bashing their head in demonstrates more love than any bouquet of flowers or love notes.

Sidenote: I’ve personally never given a bouquet of flowers and love notes have been minimal. I’m pretty sure that Salty is trying to drop some major hints here. And bashing their head in??? We’ll probably need to talk after I type this section up. I apologize for anything I am unaware of.

Back to the topic: Salty and I have had a really good relationship, but it’s because we have worked really hard at staying together and pushing through the difficult times and there have been a lot of those. While we have been public about our happy times together, we have been close mouthed about the tough situations that we have been in and the many apologies and expressions of understanding that have passed between us. The beginning was easy when we really didn’t know each other, but now that we are comfortable together and know our strengths and weaknesses, problems have been rising to the surface and Salty and I have had to address them one by one.

Honestly we haven’t even hit too many crazy potholes, but they are issues nonetheless that have to be solved together… Like not just me saying, “This is how it’s going to be.” No fun, I know! For me, the hard times are usually easier to remember to show my love for Sappy.¬† I see the pain that he is going through and want to do everything in my power to alleviate it. The good times are when I forget. I don’t remember to do the little things, I forget to hold him close, and it slips my mind to remind him how amazing he is.

There are instances where I forget why I got into a relationship with Salty in the first place, and those times scare me the most. When I have that feeling, I know the Spirit is not present and that I need to get down on my knees and pray for forgiveness for my wrongdoings. When I turn to the Lord for help, my love for Salty grows so much and I can feel the roots go deeper. When that happens, I feel the strength that I need to show Salty that I love her in the simplest of ways. A kiss on the back of her hand, a trip to the grocery store for ice cream, the simple words “I love you.” In the end it’s not the big events that will hold you together, it’s the day-to-day reminders that make the connections stronger.

One of the best things Sappy has taught me in this relationship is to cherish what and who I have. He has shown me how to voice my feelings better than I ever thought possible. My goal is to do everything I can to remember to communicate how I feel towards him to keep our relationship sweet and not sour. 



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