How it all began… *rolls eyes*

This intro is told more from Salty’s perspective. I’m Salty, or Kaela. He’s Sappy, or Addison. Yeah, I know, he has a girl’s name AND acts the girl part. It’s OK. I love him anyway.

Background: It’s me, Addison. I’ll be writing in Italics. Kaela and I are both from Redding, CA and went to the same church but met at different times. We’re 6 years apart so our paths had not really crossed much, but somehow everything seemed to line up perfectly in December 2016 when I came back from university for the winter break. We didn’t really hit it off too well from the start, but things got better. This version of the story makes me look really heartless. According to Kaela, that’s exactly what I was. Enjoy!

Sappy – So, what do you want to say though?

Salty – It’s an introduction… So where do you want to start? How we met? First date? etc?

Sappy – You just listed everything. *laughs*

Salty – Well yeah! What else is there? OK, when we first met.

(We met at a group activity hosted by our church for young single adults in the area. It was Christmastime and everyone was supposed to be making gingerbread houses, but since I was just coming back from Brigham Young University I hardly knew anyone at the party.)

Sappy – When we first met? OK…

Salty – Did you even like notice me from across the room??

Sappy – ummm I mean you were there.

*Both laugh*

Sappy – I saw you… I just knew Stephanie (mutual friend through church) because I had heard her name and heard nothing about you.

Salty – Yeah, that’s because I’m from the broke ward!

(For those not familiar with the term, our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is split up into wards which are designated by drawn out boundaries in the city. While the demographics of one ward are different from the next, the worship services are the same.)

Sappy – I mean I’m not going to say a thing!

Salty – It’s true though.

Sappy – Anyway, you were with her so it was courtesy for me to acknowledge you.

Salty – Wow! Stephanie and I came over, she introduced herself and you were just standing there and being antisocial. So I was like, “What’s your name?”

Sappy – Come on! I was talking!

Salty – You weren’t!

Sappy – I felt like I was….

Salty – No you were just standing there with your hands in your pockets.

Sappy – Nah I was standing with my arms folded, talking to Tyler.

(Tyler was the only person who I knew really. He had just come back from his mission and I wanted to know how everything was going. I really had no interest in speaking with anyone else at the time, and I guess it showed.)

Salty – No I remember this because I was like, “Do I even want to talk to this guy??”

Sappy – Daaang. huh.

Salty – So I went over and I was like, “Hi, what’s your name?” and you were like, *uses flat voice* “Addison Twede.” And I was like, “Oh yeah, I’ve heard of you.” Because obviously the Twede’s are famous. Aaaand then nothing.

Sappy – From me?

Salty – Uh huh. You didn’t ask for my name or anything; you didn’t talk to me at all after that!

Sappy – Really?? I guess you weren’t on my radar at all.

Salty – I know! I know.

Sappy – Sorry.

Salty – It’s fine. Then we went to In-N-Out and you were so quiet! *exasperated sigh from Sappy* And then! I did the whole bet thing with you! You were like so… Almost borderline rude!

Sappy – I was just confident that I was right!

Salty – What about when you were wrong?? We made a bet and you didn’t pay up.

Sappy – Hey, it’s on my tab!

Salty – So we went to In-N-Out and we were in a group. You weren’t talking so I was talking to Tyler because I love Tyler. Then we go to Dutch Bros afterwards and you were better.

Sappy – At Dutch Bros? Yeah it was a smaller group, easier to handle. Instead of having a whole crowd to say, “OK who should I talk to and give my attention to.”

Salty – OK, yeah I can see that…. Excuses. And then, after Tyler dropped us off from Dutch, we had parked next to each other. I said, “Look we parked next to each other! How cute!” and you were like, “Yeah…” You just walked to your car and got in.

Sappy – No! I don’t remember that at all! *Both laugh*

Salty – Yeah! You were the salty one in the beginning! Gosh! Whatever.

Sappy – I am… sorry about that. I mean, I’m glad how it turned out, obviously.

Salty – Good thing I know how to work hard, right?

Sappy – Yeeeah! Because you’re the one who asked me if I wanted to go to Olive Garden.

Salty – Yeah OK. That one I’m not going to take credit for, because that started out as a ‘hang out’ and I originally asked you if you wanted to hang out. Then Stephanie switched it to a date. So I texted you and said it was a date.

Sappy – Which was a really good thing.

Salty – Obviously! OK, not gonna lie. I was soooooo *Starts laughing really hard*

Sappy – Whaaat??

Salty – I was soooo not into the way you were eating!

Sappy – Yeah? Just because I was eating so much?

Salty – That, and you were so messy! And talking with your mouth full. It was so bad! It was funny though.

Sappy – Yeah, I was so hungry though!

Salty – I could tell!! Then, didn’t we go to Dutch Bros afterwards again? Before the sundial?

Sappy – I believe so.

Salty – And you were doing the whole, “Oh, how cold ARE your hands?” And then you were like warming them, which was like a smooth move.

Sappy – It was because I wanted to hold your hand and I knew you would appreciate it.

Salty – Then after that… Oh yeah, we drove to Stephanie’s house and you were like, “Can we watch a movie??” You had your arms aaaall around me and aaaall over me!

Sappy – What?? OK! I did not mean Netflix and chill!

Salty – I know! But it totally came out that way.

Sappy – My bad.

Salty – Oh yeah. I distinctly remember going in after and talking to Stephanie for like an hour. I remember saying, “There’s no way this is going to go anywhere. Blah blah blah. It was fun while it lasted.”

Sappy – That’s funny. Why did you say that?

Salty – Because you’re like six years older than me, and you’re kind of a celebrity back home, aaaand —

Sappy – I don’t buy it.

Salty – You are though! I’ve heard about you and I don’t know about anyone. Yeah and I just hadn’t really had any guys actually be interested in me.

Sappy – I find that hard to believe though!

Salty – What, why? OK, I’m not going to ask that, I know why. But yeah, I don’t know. It’s true.

Sappy – Hmmm. Well they missed out.

Salty – There you go, being all sappy. Look at you, living up to your name.  Then there was our first date after we moved to Provo.

Sappy – Which was barely a date.

Salty – Yeah. I remember feeling sooo uncomfortable because I was like, I don’t know what to talk about, I don’t know what to do. We went to Walmart because you were actually really sweet. You drove me there because I needed to pick up some things.

Sappy – You’re welcome.

Salty – And then! We came to my place and did the whole Netflix and chill, but not.

Sappy – uh huh. Netflix and cuddle.

Salty – Netflix and cuddle, yeah, there you go. I was thinking, what in the world is going on, I don’t know what to do. Guess what happened next Addison, what happened next?

Sappy – I stopped talking to you.

Salty – Yeah, for how long?

Sappy – For like four days.

Salty – Yeah, no. It was a week. You made no effort, whatsoever. For a whole fat week!

Sappy – Yeah, it was… hmm. It was difficult for me to do a follow up.

Salty – In general?

Sappy – Just because I never see anything coming from it. So it’s really difficult for me to continue because all these others hadn’t worked out.

Salty – But all signs pointed positive right??

Sappy – They did! But they did in the other relationships too, or friendships. Whatever you want to call them. All things pointed to yes.

Salty – So at that point you just give up on life, right?

Sappy – Well at that point, after so many…

Salty – That’s not the way to look at life!

Sappy – Well yeah, you’re changing my views on it.

Salty – Aw look at you. Anyway, so then, radio silence for practically a week. I texted you and I was like, “Lets go on a walk.” And what did that mean?

Sappy – That meant that we were going to talk. Walk and talk.

Salty – And the rest is history. Dude, I’m just shocked by horrible you were in the beginning, knowing you now, it’s like not even the same person.

Sappy – I appreciate that. hmm. I love you.

Salty – I love you too.

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